Yeah sorry, there's no free beer - not even at a bar in Laramie. Casper and Cheyenne's Sanford's Grub & Pub has $2 blowout micro brews on Monday nights - a great deal, but it's still two bucks.

Once when I lived in Gulfport, MS, however, beer was free. I mean I was there drinking my share of it. Not before or ever again since, have I seen it for a full season of football. It was at a Beef O'Brady's (a southeastern chain), but it was a local Bud Lite distributor that could afford this offer, and it did.

Biloxi/Gulfport is also known as "Little Vegas," aka "The "Redneck Riviera," and it's a hoot. When I first got there, I was quoting Neil Simon, "This is Africa hot. I don't think I can stay here if it's gonna be this hot." Air conditioning inside, though, felt like Wyoming wind chill.

It was called, "Pour until someone scores.” That's right, free beer flowed at "Beef's" from the moment the game kicked off. Two 'Bud Lite Girls' walked around with refill pitchers until either team put up the first points. Of course, that was a crap shoot. And we hated the one night the opening kickoff was returned all the way, but that didn't happen again.

Usually, there wasn't a touchdown or field goal until mid first quarter. Some games went into the second quarter, and once it was still scoreless at the half, into the third!

That little twist made it interesting. With free beer on the line, we literally cheered for defense when either offense got in field goal range. We didn't care about winning. We wanted losing! The longer it went, the more hysterically funny it became.

Most people were not passionate about either NFL team, unless the New Orleans Saints were playing. Biloxi is in the heart of "Who Dat Nation," and that year, who could not band wagoneer for the former "ain'ts" on their run to finally winning the stinkin' Super Bowl. Fortunately that year they never played my team. On Bronco Monday nights I went home, to never root against them.

By the way, that promotion worked. I'd been a beer snob forever. The next time I was at Beef's, I drank Bud Lite, and when I saw my tab I said, "Wow, I'll get used to this. I think it's tasting better already."