By now hopefully you have caught on to the fact that the Friday Fun Pack has changed and we now play some kind of a game with two contestants Fridays at 9:20AM to see who wins; contestants are asked to call on Thursdays at 9:20 AM if they would like to play. This morning we gave our two contestants 5 potential items from recent Ebay auctions; 3 real and 2 Fake. The one who picked the most correctly won. The real items are below so look at what we found!

1) Justin Bieber Hair For Ellen - $40,668

So I am really curious who in their right mind would actually pay so much money for Justin Bieber's hair! It seems like anyone with that much money would not be a Bieber fan, but obviously I am wrong. Really 40K for a lock of hair?  View Auction

2) Vest Tank Designed To Flatten Man Boobs - $23.99

This auction was too hilarious not to include on our Ebay trivia and it is pretty funny that this is the actual text someone used to list the clothing item. Heck if you need one of these or ladies if your husband needs one I guess you know where to find it! I know what my next white elephant gift is going to be. View Auction

3) Cherywood UNUSED Coffin - $1,099

Having looked it seems that there must be a pretty good market for coffins & caskets on Ebay, who would have thought. One thing struck me about this one though, the fact that they felt the need to include the word "UNUSED" in all caps for the listing headline. Is it really possible to get a used coffin? What happened did the person come back to life? I don't know I just hope mine is not bought off of Ebay or USED! View Auction