If you haven’t heard us talk about the changes we are making to the Friday Fun Pack, then you are in for a treat each Friday morning at about 9:20AM. Starting next week will will announce a time on Thursday during the 9AM hour for people to call in and be a contestant on our new Friday morning show. Then on Friday the contestants picked from the previous day will play some sort of game on-air and the winner will come away with the Friday Fun Pack. The actual videos used in this morning’s segment are below:

Today's Question: Which YouTube Video is Real?

Round 1: Dragster Bus - The Cool Bus or Spring Break Chaos

This just looks plain odd. Why would you want to try and drag race with a school bus; well aparently someone thought it was a bright idea. I must admit it looks sweet to see a school bus do a 1/4 mile wheelie.

Round 2: VW T3 Crashtest or Chevy Volt Battery Explodes

When I was planning out this morning's trivia I ran across this video and had to use it. Apparently the people who designed this truck failed their engineering class because this looks horrific! The good news is your cargo is safe; the bad news is your dead.

Round 3: Robing Williams by Request or Will Ferrells Landlord Pearl

For you Will Ferrel fans out there this video is pretty hilarious. Beware that there is some language in this one but it is definitely the funniest thing I have seen lately.