If you haven't heard us talk about the changes we are making to the Friday Fun Pack, then you are in for a treat each Friday morning at about 9:20AM. Starting next week will will announce a time on Thursday during the 9AM hour for people to call in and be a contestant on our new Friday morning show. Then on Friday the contestants picked from the previous day will play some sort of game on-air and the winner will come away with the Friday Fun Pack. This morning I put Lance to the test with a little YouTube Trivia to demonstrate how the Fun Pack will be given away in the future. The actual videos used in this morning's segment are below:

Which YouTube Video is Real?

Round 1: Japanese Portable Toilet Pranks or Prank Call to George Strait

If you haven't seen the Japanese toilet prank video you are missing out! Apparently theit toilets are a little different over there; the handle bars make them optimal for this prank.

Round 2: Cat Stuck in the Trash or Honda - The Cog

This commercial from Honda is amazing. It must have taken them forever to get this sequence to work perfectly, but it is without a doubt entertaining.