Adlai Lemus was born the city of Laramie.  He's a ten-month-old baby that is described as being a happy baby and very sweet.  Unfortunately Baby Adlai has been plagued by illness over the course of his short life.

Baby Adlai was diagnosed with severe tracheal stenosis.  According to Baby Adlai's mother, Caroline Lopez, the condition is very rare.

"It's in the trachea,"  Caroline Lopez says.  "His is the size about the size of a three-month-


old premature baby's."

Baby Adlai is also afflicted with enlarged kidneys, some fused vertebrae, fused ribs, as well as being diagnosed with a pulmonary artery sling, which means one of his  arteries is going the wrong way.

Currently Baby Adlai is scheduled for a "slide tracheoplasty on bypass" which will reconstruct his trachea and correct his artery sling.  The invasive surgery is scheduled for June 26 in Colorado.

The family of Baby Adlai has set up an account with the You Caring website to raise money to help offset the cost of the surgery as well as the family's living expenses while they stay in Colorado Baby Adlai's surgery and recovery.  According to the You Caring website, the rare surgery can cost approximately $200,000.

Donations for Baby Adlai can be made through his You Caring page (link above) or through an account set up at ACPE Federal Credit Union in Laramie, in care of "Adlai's Medical Fund".  ACPE can be found at 2835 E Grand Ave. Laramie WY 82072.

A facebook page has also been set up under the name "Prayers for Sweet Baby Adlai."

Baby Adlai currently resides in with his family in Grand Junction, Colorado.