How many citations has the Laramie Police Department issued to bikers who fail to dismount in the presence of pedestrians on the Garfield Street Footbridge?


"Several years ago, the local ordinances were altered to allow cyclists to ride across the Garfield Street Footbridge. While it is likely that some riders do not dismount when passing pedestrians, it is difficult to patrol that area. Because of that, violations are not observed by the police. As a pedestrian, if you observe a violation, please call police dispatch at 307-721-2526 with a detailed description of the rider as well as direction of travel. This will result with a call being assigned to a patrol unit. If we can locate the rider, a citation will be issued. At that point, if disputed, you would become the prosecution witness in court. It would be imperative for you to provide your name so that the investigating officer could document your version of the event."

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