Happy Birthday to one of the most talented and influential country artists OF ALL TIME!! There, I got the hero worship out of the way. Seriously, though, Troyal (don't laugh, Troyal was his dad's name) Garth Brooks was born fifty years ago today in Tulsa, OK.

Name the genre, rock, hip-hop, country, it really doesn't matter, Garth Brooks occupies the top spot in popular music history. With untouchable records in sales and concert attendacne, our boy Garth owned the '90s. Through last October he sold an incomprehensible 68,561,000 albums. That's albums, not just singles.  In the history of Nielsen Soundscan tracking, nobody has sold more.

Success doesn't necessarily translate to happiness. Garth had well-publicized troubles with his marriage and career that forced a re-evaluation on his part. He ended his marriage with his first wife and later married a country star who accompanied him on many concert stops, Trisha Yearwood. The couple remain married to this day. Garth officially retired from the stage and studio in 2001 and remained on the sidelines until he began a small comeback in 2005.

While not standing in front of crowds of 70,ooo and more, he is currently enjoying a very laid-back concert schedule in Las Vegas and, as we mentioned earlier, is a happily married fatherof three girls. He holds an MBA from Oklahoma State Universityin Stillwater.

His life is quieter now, but you never know, he could blow up the country world again. It's basically up to him.  Again, Happy Birthday Garth. And many, many more.

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