Garth Brooks.  Did you ever have the chance to see him when he was absolutely at the zenith of his career?  Huge stadiums were absolutely sold out for his performances.  He’d give every single fan in the audience the experience of a masterful, over-whelming performance.  It was my distinct pleasure to have seen him twice in concert.  A masterful performer, no doubt.  But now, he’s reigned it way, way back with his performances at the Encore Theater at Wynn Las Vegas.

Now days, it’s just Garth, a guitar, a stool and a bottle of water.  Unplugged, Garth is no longer doing vertical leaps up the risers.  And he’s not ripping stage lights off their moorings and sending the beam out amongst the faithful.  And you know what?  That’s just fine.

After retiring 10 years ago, Garth concentrated more on life with the lovely Trisha Yearwood and his three daughters in Oklahoma. 

Those original dates sold out in record time, of  course.  Now comes word that he’s added dates to the schedule.  He’s added selected shows on Fridays and Saturdays in December, January and February.

Despite the semi-retirement, Garth is still an unstoppable force.  His “Garth Brooks:  Live in L.A. show drew over 82,000 people to raise money to prevent fire catastrophes.  He’s put on concerts (sold out in minutes) to help out flooded Nashville recently.  His most impressive performance recently was in front of 300,000 people at the Lincoln Memorial on the Mall in DC.

 Brooks has received every accolade the recording industry can bestow on an artist thanks to hits such as, "The Thunder Rolls," "Friends in Low Places," and "We Shall Be Free," among others. His record sales trail only that of Elvis Presley.


I can’t wait for the chance to see him in concert again.  I’ll take his low-key performances in Vegas.  But, man, it would be a kick to see him in his mega-performer role…just one more time.


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