The unmatched showmanship of a Garth Brooks concert was on display again this month as the country giant took to the stage at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville for a show to raise money for the flood victims.

With his audience singing back to him every single line and every single lyric, it must have seemed like old times to Mr. Brooks.

He was joined on stage by his wife Trisha Yearwood for a set of duets.  Garth is a master show man, there's no doubt.  And the fact that he can still have the crowd making a deafening roar throughtout the show must have been very gratifying.  I can still remember the concerts he put on at the Double A in Laramie.  They remain special memories, and I will always consider Garth Brooks to be one of the seminal artists that changed country in the '90's.  Good work Garth and I hope  to see you in concert again.