George Strait has already released nearly 40 albums — and scored more number one hits than any other artist, in any genre, ever — and he isn’t slowing down yet.

The country legend has set September 6 as the date for his next release, titled ‘Here for a Good Time,’ announced the 11-song track listing, and opened up pre-orders for fans.

For ‘Here for a Good Time,’ which follows 2009′s number one hit ‘Twang,’ Strait headed back to the Shrimpboat Sound Studio in Key West, Florida, where he recorded his last three albums. Following the theme of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,’ he reunited with frequent songwriting collaborator Dean Dillon for seven tracks.

Also chipping in with the writing: George’s son, Bubba, who joined his famous dad and Dillon for two ‘Twang’ tracks, and co-wrote seven songs on ‘Here for a Good Time.’

The album’s title track is the first single, which went for adds in June and peaked at number 14 in July.

‘Here For a Good Time’ Track Listing:

1. ‘Love’s Gonna Make it Alright’

2. ‘Drinkin’ Man’

3. ‘Shame on Me’

4. ‘Poison’

5. ‘Here for a Good Time’

6. ‘House Across the Bay’

7. ‘Lone Star Blues’

8. ‘A Showman’s Life’

9. ‘Three Nails and a Cross’

10. ‘Blue Marlin Blues’

11. ‘I’ll Always Remember You’

Listen to George Strait’s ‘Here for a Good Time’

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