According to reports, Glen Cambell is set to bid his fans goodbye this summer.  Glen is also putting the finishing touches on his final studio album "'Ghost on the Canvas"Billboard Country Update is reporting that the project is scheduled for release in the summer of 2011.  Glen will perform a farewell tour in support of the new CD.

Julian Raymond, the album's producer is quoted as saying that Glen plans on arriving early in towns to conduct local interviews and participate in any promotional activities.  He also plans on only playing smaller venues in those selected cities.

"He won't go too hard," Raymond told Billboard. "But it will be strategic and a different way to get him out there than the night-after-night grind."

The producer also mentioned that "a huge number of people" wanted to participate on the disc.

Those chosen to collaborate with Campbell reportedly include Jakob Dylan, Chris Isaak and Billy Corgan.

Glen is also planning to release an "unplugged" greatest hits album before officially retiring.