The University of Wyoming is implementing new alcohol awareness trainings for the university community with the help of a $13,600 grant from the National Alcohol Beverage Control Association.

UW says training is already underway and the full program will be implemented this fall.

A bystander intervention program called “Step UP!” is the biggest addition. The program addresses sexual assault prevention, alcohol overconsumption, bullying, hazing and suicide. “Step UP!” was developed by the University of Arizona and the NCAA.

“This program teaches students strategies for helping effectively in potentially dangerous and tough situations,” says Monica Keele, UW’s Alcohol Wellness Alternatives, Research and Education program coordinator.

The program uses a five-step model: notice the event, recognize the event as a problem or emergency, assume personal responsibility, know how to help and intervene.

Keele says “Step UP!” aims to counteract the bystander effect by continuing alcohol education at a campus and community level.

UW’s Alcohol Wellness Alternatives, Research and Education program is based in the University Counseling Center. The program encourages individual wellness through education, research, collaboration and guidance with a focus on healthy decision-making about alcohol and drug use.

“Our goal is for students to feel motivated and empowered to take ownership of their actions, as well as their health and well-being,” says Keele. “We hope to foster a culture of helping one another so that our student body is successful in their endeavors.”