Following box office-busting success of Alfonso Cuaron's 'Gravity,' Warner Bros. is moving ahead with a new Atlantis movie, called 'The Lost City,' with screenwriter (and Alfonso's son) Jonas Cuaron penning the script.

Jonas helped develop the concept for 'Gravity' and worked on the script with his father. Now, according to Variety, he has set his sights on another mysterious and expansive territory, the sea -- more specifically 'The Lost City' of Atlantis.' While plot details are currently unknown, it will reportedly be a "new take on the mythical underwater kingdom." Though this might not be a discovery-type movie, it does make us think of 'The Lost City of Z,' which will star Benedict Cumberbatch as an explorer who finds a mythical city in the Brazilian jungle.

'The Lord of the Rings' and 'The Hobbit' director Peter Jackson was at one point interested in helming 'The Lost City,' which has become a priority for Warner Bros., believing in Cuaron's abilities after the stellar reception of 'Gravity' and its two straight weeks at the top of the box office. Production is said to begin early next year, and will be produced by Weed Road Pictures' Akiva Goldsman and Safehouse Pictures' Torry Tunnel and Joby Harold, and will be overseen by Warner Bros.' Lynn Harris.

Aside from 'The Lost City,' Jonas' next project, the 'Manhunter'-esque 'Desierto,' will see him re-teaming with his father, as well as his uncle Carlos.