The City of Laramie has issued a reminder to Laramie residents that the Green Waste recycling program is for residents only.

The containers are not meant for professional use, but there have been landscaping businesses using the containers for their waste. In an effort to meet demand, the Solid Waste Division has been emptying the containers 7 days a week. However, this has caused an increase in cost and is putting the Green Waste Program in jeopardy.

The Laramie Landfill also offers free green waste disposal to residents and businesses all year long. This year, the program started in late April and is expected to continue through mid-November, weather pending. Businesses must use the Laramie Landfill to dispose of their green waste.

Solid Waste Division Manager Brooks Webb says the program is a success, adding that "it's going good. People are utilizing them [the green waste containers] a lot."

If businesses continue to use the green waste containers, the Green Waste Program may come to an end.

For more information about the Green Waste Program, please contact Solid Waste Division Manager Brooks Webb at 307-721-5309.