The Laramie River Greenbelt Trail has reopened for public access. The City of Laramie Parks and Recreation Department has determined that most of the trail is safe for public, and it has been reopened. The trail closed in late May when flood waters made the path a danger to the public.

The reopening is earlier than previously predicted. Officials with the City of Laramie previously estimated the trail to open in early July, but said it was difficult to know exactly when flood waters would recede.

The portion of the trail under the Snowy Range Road remains closed due to flooding. This, according to Parks and Recreation Director Paul Harrison, happens every year. The location of that part of the trail floods most years, and traditionally takes longer for water to recede.

In addition, a part of the trail near the I-80 underpass will undergo repair in the east lane. While that section of the path will remain open, people are asked to use caution in that area.

People are also asked to continue using the detour from Optimist Park along Garfield Street south on Spruce Street until the berm can be removed, which should be next week.

Anyone with questions can contact the Parks and Recreation Director, Paul Harrison, at 307-721-5260 or Parks Manager, David Schott, at 307-721-5264.