It's Summer and many folks will be headed into the back country to spend some time with nature.  But are you as prepared to be in the woods as you should be?

If you are really adventurous and want to head off in to areas of the back country that few human eyes have ever seen.  I would love to suggest backpacking in and sleeping in a Hammock.

During hunting season, you'll usually fine me with my bow in hand and a pack on my back, scouting or stalking in road-less wilderness areas.  One of the best ways to camp light and stay on the move is hammock camping.

Not only does hammock camping provide a comfortable place to get some rest, it gets you up off the ground where creepy crawlies won't get you.  It also provides a good shelter for rainy situations and it keeps you up off the muddy, rocky and uneven ground.

The equipment involved is relatively light as compared to packing in a tent and sleeping roll and can be set up extremely quickly with an approaching storm.  But the the biggest challenge is usually finding sturdy trees about 12-15 ft. apart.

Check out the diagram and info below and I hope you'll be adventurous and venture into the wilderness a little further the next time you head into the back country.

Tip #6 - Hammock Camping

Derek Hansen,