Today, April 18 is a banner day in Wyoming sports talk show history. Why, because it marks the 24th anniversary of Sportsline Live, Wyoming’s longest running sports talk show. It was the first sports talk show in the state to air on a nightly basis. The program typically airs weeknights from 5:30-to-7 pm and is simulcasted on KOWB (AM1290) and KCGY (FM 95.1) radio stations in Laramie, Wyoming.Founded by the legendary voice of the Cowboys Dave Walsh, the show started on April 18, 1988 and has been on the air ever since. It began as a one-hour show with only Dave Walsh as host. It stayed that way for the first 4 or 5 years.

It was ground-breaking back then, and still is. It was quite a commitment.

–Dave Walsh, Sportsline Live creator

In the early 1990′s it expanded to its current form of two-hosts for 90 minutes on the two Laramie radio stations.

There have been numerous hosts, guest hosts, show locations and, yes, changes throughout the years. Besides Mr. Walsh, Mike Chisholm, Kevin McKinney, Ray Hageman, David Settle, Dwight Gulley and Jacob Anfinson are just some of the regular contributors to the program. Walsh and Chisholm were the main co-hosts for six years. They worked together unless Dave or Mike was gone on other broadcast business. Then either Ray, a guest host or both came in to help out.

Things continued to evolve in 1999, when Dave Walsh decided to scale back to hosting only 3 shows per week. After six months of a three-man crew sharing host duties, Dave brought Kevin McKinney into co-host in January of 2000. They would co-host the show together three days a week, with Settle and Gulley anchoring the other two days per week. While David Settle’s partners have changed throughout the years, Walsh and McKinney stayed together until the 20th anniversary show in 2008. It was at that time they decided to step away.

Since then, David Settle has been the primary host and coordinator of the show. In fact, he’s the second longest tenured host behind only Dave Walsh. Settle came on board in July 1999 and continues today. He’s brought on several knowledgeable sports journalists to help host, including personnel from the radio stations and other media outlets.

After a year of keeping the hosting combinations, in 2009 the show evolved again to its present format. There are five different hosts who all work with each other. Besides Settle, Kari Eakins and Wesley Kempton of KOWB, Steve Kiggins from UWYO magazine and Eric Schmoldt, UW football and basketball beat writer for the Casper Star-Tribune, all take turns on the air.

As the show moves into its 25th year, more change is coming soon. The show will have its final simulcast on KCGY on Friday, April 27. KCGY is undergoing programming shifts of its own, which includes a rededication to its country music audience.

Don’t worry, Sportsline Live isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Fans who listen via KCGY will still be able to listen to SLL in one of three different ways. You can listen to KOWB (AM1290) on your radio, through their on-line stream at or on your smart phone with the radioPup application, which allows you to take SLL anywhere you go.