Hi. Valentine's Day is a funny thing, I think.  It can be pretty exciting if you have just recently met somebody and are looking forward to something from them. Or, maybe anticipating giving them a token of your affection and respect.

And then, there's the Valentine's Day for people who have been together a long time. It's still sweet, but kind of expected. I mean, you know that a nice dinner and a bouquet are on the way. You can count on it.

But there's also that tough time for folks who don't have a Valentine, or who maybe broke up just the day before. For those people, the day can be as dreary as the February weather. Well, here's something to chew on:  it really doesn't matter. I'm serious. This day is not about anything in particular other than appreciating what you have. And I tell you this, it is NOT the people in your life who define you. You define yourself. I know that sounds like a platitude, but it's true.

I was at the store just the other day, I had a collection of little nick-nacky things I was going to give out to the ladies I work with here at the station, because, every woman deserves something on Valentine's Day, says I. 

Anyway, in front of me was a young guy with lots, and lots of balloons, teddy bears, flowers...the works. The cashier and I exchanged a knowing glance. Good luck, young fella.  But you probably could have just purchased a single carnation and it would have sufficed. It's not the money.  It's not the flowers. It's about being grateful and respectful for those you have in your life.

So, Happy Valentine's Day, everybody. If you have a Valentine in your life, good on ya. If you don't, good on ya. This day is an excellent opportunity to tell those you love....well, that you love them. Tell your mom. Tell your dad. Tell your brothers and sisters. Tell your girl. Tell your guy. Tell YOURSELF.  It's okay.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to read.

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