Putting on a Thanksgiving feast is chore enough for experienced hosts let alone someone preparing dinner for the first time. Here’s what the host would like you to bring to the event, according to thekitchen.com.


  1. A Bottle of Wine (or Two)

Showing up with a bottle of wine is a great way to take some of the financial burden off a first-time host, as supplying enough wine for a crowd can be pricey. It doesn't have to be a rare vintage; in fact, we've got plenty of picks that come in under $20.


  1. A Bottle of Bourbon

If you're not into wine, a bottle of booze is a good alternative. This gift also prevents first-time hosts from dipping into their own liquor cabinet while entertaining.


  1. Side Dishes

If your host has one oven, it can be tricky to prepare both the bird and the traditional sides. Ask in advance if there's anything you can bring to round out the meal. Opt for a crowd-pleaser that can be made in advance and reheated while the turkey is resting or, better yet, something that doesn't require any additional prep at all.

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  1. Something Sweet

Whether you unleash your inner Martha Stewart and whip up an elaborate cake or swing by your local supermarket and snag a pumpkin pie, showing up with dessert is almost always a smooth move. Not only is it one less thing for the first-time host to prepare, but pies, cookies, and sweets are the best way to end a holiday meal.


  1. Leftover Containers

Most first-time hosts spend so much time planning for the meal that they don't anticipate the mechanics of distributing leftovers and might not have known to stock up on adequate leftover containers. If you really want to make it easy for your host, show up with takeaway supplies in hand. It'll make distribution of leftover food way easier, and your host will thank you for your foresight!


And not that you would bring a Kramer turkey, I present this, just because I can. Here’s a short scene from Seinfeld to make me laugh and hopefully you too!