Look out, Jelly Belly fans. Two new flavors are headed your way just in time for Superbowl Sunday (or not. But you bet they'll be on our side tables for the next big game day!).

Jelly Belly has announced beer- and chocolate-covered Tabasco-flavored beans, with hopes the company will appeal specifically to men. You might recall the very first alcohol-flavored bean made its debut in 1977--we're surprised that it's taken more than 30 years to introduce a beer flavor. Glad they figured it out now, though! Other cocktail-based varieties include margarita, peach bellini, and pomegranate cosmo. Do note: none of the flavors contain a hint of alcohol. It's just flavoring, folks. Sorry.

Jelly Belly fans can expect a "fresh" or "crisp" beer-bean flavor, with just a touch of honey. It's supposed to mirror a hefeweizen, rather than a deep, dark lager. You better taste them when they hit the shelves, however, because they're not guaranteed to be a permanent flavor.

I have been to JB's Fairfield, CA factory twice, and have tried various flavors. But I don't know if I want to try a beer-flavored jelly bean. As I'm sure all Harry Potter fans know, Jelly Belly already has several gross flavors to try. How about grass-, baby wipes-, pizza- and booger-flavored Jelly Beans? They have them there. Bonus: You can try every flavor they make in their flavor bar.

What do you think? Would you buy these Jelly Bellys, and what do you think about other beer-flavored items...would you buy something if it tasted like beer?