People always say that the holiday season is a time for giving, but what does that really mean?

This weekend my boyfriend and I went to a gas station to see if they sold boxes of hot chocolate. It was cold and we were hoping to not make a trip to the grocery store. After looking in what we thought would be the right section, we decided just to ask the cashier if they carry it.

To our dismay, the cashier told us they don't stock hot chocolate on their shelves. To our surprise, however, he offered us to take a cup of their already made hot cocoa, his treat. We were thrilled that a stranger would be so kind.

These simple gestures can completely turn a person's day around for the better, and it certainly put a smile on my face.

I have made it my goal to give back to the community that I love with random acts of kindness throughout the season, and hopefully longer.

Please share your random acts of kindness experiences, whether you were on the giving or receiving end. A later post will include what people have shared.

Let’s see how our community gives to others.

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