Wyoming is making news on the national scale with, daughter of former vice president Dick Cheney, Liz Cheney's announcing her candidacy for the United States Senate.

One magazine has used Wyoming's recent trip onto the national stage to further explore the idiosyncrasies of the state as a whole.  Specifically how small-town western folk, like us, get from one floor to another.

A recent article, published on website of The Atlantic magazine, points out that- as far as they can tell- the entire state of Wyoming only has two escalators.  The Atlantic further says that they are at the Hilltop National Bank building and the First National Bank building; both in Casper.  The astute Wyoming resident or observer of course will probably note an inaccuracy in that article, as the escalator is actually in the First Interstate Bank building, and not First National Bank.

A confusion in the names of Casper's financial institutions not-withstanding, the actual thesis of Wyoming having only two escalators seems to stand.  At least as far as anyone around our offices can recollect.

So how about it?  Are we missing any?  A few of us recalled escalators in Casper's airport and in Cheyenne's JC Penny building, however these escalators are no longer there.  If we're forgetting one, or more than one, let us know in the comments section below.