Recently, the Laramie Economic Development Corporation received a request from Jack Skinner of Laramie Regional Airport. Skinner was asking for support for a a specific carrier that would provide an early morning nonstop flight to Denver International Airport (DIA).

Currently, the earliest flight leaves Laramie for Denver at 8:02 AM on weekdays. The LEDC says an earlier morning nonstop flight into DIA would allow for greater economic competitiveness through new and more direct sources of connectivity. The early morning nonstop flights are a part of SkyWest Airlines’ proposal to provide Essential Air Serviced (EAS) to Laramie according to the LEDC.

In LRA’s letter to the LEDC they state, “We feel the SkyWest proposal provides the citizens of Laramie and surrounding communities with the best option to connect to the nation’s air transportation system through DIA. We also recognize that SkyWest’s proposal includes a reduction in fares for our customers compared to the current carrier.”

Ticket price would obviously have a large impact on how often the early morning flight is utilized, so we want to know how much you would be willing to pay.

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