It's a big night for University of Wyoming basketball fans.  The Cowgirls will host arch rival Colorado State in Laramie.  Meanwhile, the 13-2 Cowboys will travel to Fort Collins for a tough test versus the 14-1 Rams men's team.

In order to properly prepare for you for any trash talk you may hear from a Colorado State University fan or alumni, here's a few jokes you can tell at their expense, courtesy of and

1. What does marijuana have in common with the Colorado State football team?  They both get smoked in bowls.

2. 3 College Alumni were climbing a mountain; a Nebraska grad, a CSU grad and a Wyoming grad.  They argued which one was the most loyal, until the Nebraska fan threw himself from the mountain, yelling "This is for the Cornhuskers".  The Wyoming grad then pushed the CSU fan off the mounting and yelled, "This is for the Cowboys".

3. How do you keep a CSU player out of your driveway?  Put up a basketball hoop.

4. What do I have in common with the CSU basketball team?  We'll both be watching March Madness on TV this year.

5. Why do they lay a sack of manure on the sidelines before CSU games?  To keep the flies off the cheerleaders.

Also, feel free to remind any CSU fans you know that Wyoming leads the all time Men's Basketball Border War series 129-92. And, if you want to see the Pokes take on Boise State at the AA on Saturday night, sign up to win free tickets here.