This Saturday the NCAA Football world will have it's eyes on Laramie, Wyoming. Our Cowboys have reached their first ever Mountain West Conference championship game where they'll meet the west division champions, San Diego State.

Kickoff from War Memorial Stadium is 5:45 p.m. and will air on ESPN.

If you're going to support your brown and gold in person Saturday chances are it's going to be a little chilly outside. It is December 3rd in Wyoming after all...

Currently the kickoff forecast is looking like about 20 degrees and breezy conditions will bump the windchill down to single digits.

This, mixed with a large and loud crowd, could provide a huge advantage for UW. Most of San Diego State's athletes have little experience in weather this cold.

Here's some thoughts on how you can stay warm Saturday...

  • 1

    Dress Warm

    Think skiing/snowmobiling clothes. Too many layers is a good thing, over-prepare!

  • 2

    Bring Warm "Accessories"

    Hit up your local retail store before you make the trip and grab some pocket warmers. Don't forget gloves, scarves, a hat that will cover your ears, etc.

  • 3

    Move Around

    Try to grab seats near an aisle if you can. The ability to get up during game breaks and do a quick lap around the concourse can help get the blood flowing a bit. There's always an option to stand behind the endzones at The War too if that helps you stay warm.

  • 4

    Take Concourse Breaks

    There are a few areas of the concourse, bathrooms specifically, that have heat. A lot of people camp out in the bathroom at halftime in an attempt to warm up, but it can be a welcome break.

  • 5

    Hot Beverages

    We're not suggesting smuggling some alcohol into the game, although, we're not, not suggesting that either. I've always thought the hot cocoa at War Memorial is underrated... maybe just because I'm so happy to have something hot to drink, but it is pretty good stuff. Plus, there is coffee and other warm beverage options.