How would you describe the state of Wyoming? Friendly? Wide open? Windy?

Urban Dictionary has become the internet's go-to for blunt, and satirical, definitions. For example, "Colorado Resident" is described as "You went to Casa Bonita as a kid." and "Your sense of direction is: Toward the mountains and away from the mountains."

Wyoming prompts many responses from Urban Dictionary, check out the list of definitions:

1) Where you can actually see the stars at night
2) Where you find real cowboys
3) Where only a few kids ride their horses to school
4) Having the phone is a luxury
5) Where a rodeo is more popular than Madonna
6) Where if you stand on the side of the highway with your hood up, someone stops to help you
7) Where the cows make up half the population
8) Where the elevation exceeds the population
9) Everyone owns more than 40 pairs of long johns
10)100 is too hot 30 is normal and 20 below is cold
11) Where giving the bird means look up
12) People actually wave
13) Places are considered cities when the pop. is over 500