If Casper was food, what would it be? First let’s start with the qualities (or ingredients) that make up our city. Then interpret those qualities turning them into a meal. Sea food is out since we are land locked. Meet is definitely on the list because Casper is not for vegetarians. Casper is a simple town so you can eliminate all foods with compotes, demi-glaze, or fancy-pants French cooking techniques.

First Casper is known as the "Oil City," so it would be fried. Not necessarily deep fried, but there would be some oil in the skillet. The town is full of western history, so it has to be something a cowboy would eat. So it would definitely have bacon.

It would have to be something “mom” could make. We are family friendly, so it would have to be something a kid would like, too. Nothing like mushrooms stuffed with feta cheese and pine nuts – that is way too California for these parts.

Casper has strong agriculture roots. You can raise chickens in your back yard which makes eggs on the list of ingredients. Casper is a hard-working, blue-collar town. Therefore it would have to be a stick to your ribs kind of meal. So low-carb is a no go. Therefore toast is on the list.

Now we have a meal! Casper is a breakfast plate with fried eggs, bacon, and toast. How do you like your eggs?