Bill Engvall performs two Cheyenne Civic Center shows on Saturday, Aug. 27.  We'll be interviewing Bill. First, we ask you what question you would ask Bill? Surely it wouldn't be anything stupid.

He's just back from golfing in Saint Andrews, Scotland. (Every golfer's bucket list.) We're told he has some really beautiful pics and video of it on his Facebook. I can't wait to ask, "So what is Bill's favorite golf joke?"

He recently started a Podcast called My 2 Cents. Is it all comedy, or does he also have any serious 2 cents on some things? Can a comedian be taken seriously at all?

He was seriously good on Dancing With The Stars! "Does Bill take his wife out dancing?" What else does he do well? What would his wife say he does well, and not?

One question fans want to ask is if he ever gets back together with Larry The Cable Guy, Jeff Foxworthy and company - for maybe a few tour dates, or a tv special?

And, of course, we have to hear what he thinks of Wyoming. What specific question might get some of his feelings on The Cowboy State?

Give your question here below in "Comments". If it's a good one, it's likely that you will hear it Tuesday morning.