After last winter’s above average snowfall and subsequent flooding, this year’s run-off levels can’t even begin to compare. With the abundance of water provided by snow-pack these past few years, which has brought Wyoming out of nearly a decade of drought, water shortages have certainly not been a hot issue.

However you have to wonder if this year’s below average snowfall will continue, leading into another drought that could lower the water levels in lakes and cause irrigation problems for local agriculture. Unfortunately this also brings about the high risk of significant forest fires that could prove to be especially devastating this summer with large percentages of pine trees waiting to go up in flames because of the pine bark beetle infestation that has taken place.

While not often seen in Laramie, water restrictions have already been put into effect and around the Denver area this year as a stage 1 drought has been declared. Do you think this year’s low levels of moisture are a sign of the beginning of another extended period of drought for the Laramie area of just an anomaly?

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