To recognize November as Diabetes Awareness Month, Ivinson Memorial Hospital will host an informational Type 1 Diabetes event in its lobby on Wednesday, November 18.

Type 1 Diabetes occurs when an individual's body destroys the insulin in their pancreas. The human body uses insulin to deliver energy to cells, and without it, will have sugar buildups in the bloodstream, causing the body to break down fats to gain energy, which in turn damages other organs.

During the event, Laramie citizens afflicted with Type 1 Diabetes will gather in the IMH lobby and share their stories of living with Type 1 Diabetes with those who do not live with the disease.

Snowy Range Academy student Bryce Bienz says that "the event is meant to foster awareness about the T1D condition and to advocate and promote finding a cure."

For more information, please contact Dee Bott by phone at 307-755-4516 or by email at