'American Idol' is down to the final four! I am personally pretty happy with the final selections and now it is really a toss up as to who is going home next.

Last night's elimination show started off quickly, with the remaining five contestants performing 'So Happy Together.' After the mandatory Ford commercial, judge Jennifer Lopez took to the stage to sing her hit single 'On the Floor,' before contestants were quickly divided into two groups, where Jacob Lusk and Lauren Alaina found themselves in the bottom two. I felt bad for Lauren Alaina and you could tell she was really upset.

Unlike the past few elimination shows, Ryan Seacrest made no hint of a shocking elimination, saying only that viewers might be surprised. But when Jacob Lusk's name was ultimately revealed, many felt as if it was his time to go. I must admit that I was in the camp of those saying "It is Jacob's time to go home." The group of us watching the show all let out a loud scream "yes" when Ryan Seacrest said Jacob's name. As you can tell I am not a Jacob fan as my previous articles have eluded to. I think we were all tired of the horrible clothing choices and very odd stage presence. The flapping hands and hip thrusts didn't do him any favors! I have to admit his singing was good until this past week when things went downhill. There was really no reason to keep him around and in my opinion he should have gone home before Casey Abrams. I was very satisfied with the results. I have said many a time that I would actually vote more if I could vote to subtract votes as there is almost always someone that I just cannot stand in every Idol season.

Just like the contestants before him, Jacob left us on a positive and inspirational note, showcasing his fun and somewhat over-the-top personality and performance style with one last take on 'A House Is Not a Home.'

Do you feel Jacob Lusk deserved to be eliminated? Will you miss his soaring voice? Do you think he has a successful career ahead of him?

Voice your opinion now, and relive Jacob's Hollywood solo performance of 'God Bless the Child.'

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