What were you doing last Tuesday?  Hangin' out?  Working?  Well, turns out Jake Owen was out cold and getting reconstructive surgery on a broken collarbone.

As you know, Jake was showing his moves on the ol' snowboard in Colorado when he took a tumble...actually an endo and broke his collarbone.  It was during the BMI Songwriter's Festival.  According to reports, he hit a ice block and that was all she wrote.

His orthepedic surgeon back in Nashville advised immediate surgery.  The accident was last Friday.

Anyone who has broken his or her collarbone knows that it can be a long and painful recovery.  There is no word as to how long Jake will be off the music scene.  That all depends on his recovery.

His management team has already cancelled and rescheduled two shows at Joe's Bar in Chicago.  Two shows in Michigan have been moved to the latter part of April.

Jake has never been one to sit on the sidelines.  In fact, he maintains that the recovery from a wakeboarding accident when he was in college  forced him to take to guitar practice and song-writing to keep sane during the recovery.  Everything works out for the best, I guess.

I know I join with Jake's amazing number of fans in wishing him God Speed and a quick recovery.  Fans may let their wishes be known at Jake's website.

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