With Miranda Lambert and Taylor Swift taking roles on the small screen and in films, respectively, it’s no surprise that another country singer might get in on the fun. Jason Aldean has had his interest in acting aroused. But he will look before he leaps and he will not shoot first and think later. In fact, he would be open to easing into acting to make sure he likes it. It has to be the right fit and Aldean will only take a role judiciously, not impulsively. He’s well within his rights to do just that.

“Yeah, I would definitely be into that, we have had a couple of things kinda come our way,” the ‘Tattoos on This Town’ singer told Dan Van of Albright and O’Malley about transitioning to acting. “We had a movie script that came last year, a western style kind of thing that Ed Harris was slated to play in so we’ve had a couple of things like that to have come along.” A western-style film certainly sounds like it’s right up Aldean’s alley, and Ed Harris has history in the country world, having played Patsy Cline’s husband in ‘Sweet Dreams.’ Aldean could very well be on the right path, even if he is only in the idea stages.

Aldean, who recently said he wants nothing to do with reality talent shows, further expressed his feelings toward acting, saying, “For me acting is going to be something I would like to kinda try like a small part just to see if it’s something I would like to be interested in because it’s like anything. First of all, I might suck at it and second of all, I may realize it’s something I am not interested in.”

Jason Aldean is playing his cards right when it comes to making a possible leap into acting. Plenty of his fellow country stars have done it and it could be a logical next step for the superstar.