When you think about it, it's not THAT unusual that Jason Aldean and Ludacris would team up for an opportunity to show their talents.

I mean, they're both Georgia boys and both have seen their share of dirt roads.  The 2011 CMT awards show was the perfect venue to show what these two powerful voices can do together.

The unusual pairing of Ludacris and country star Jason Aldean at the 2011 CMT Awards was so successful that the performers have now released a studio version of the genre-meshing song.

Luda is quite clear that he's not patronizing ANYBODY.  He truly is a fan of great country artists like Kenny Rogers.

Jason is quoted as saying, "Ludacris absolutely killed his verse of the song,” he name checks Kenny Rogers and talks about drinking cold beer … That’s pretty country, if you ask me!”

Now, this isn't the first time hip-hop and country got together.  Remember back in 2004 when Nelly and Tim McGraw hooked up for an awesome collaboration.  And who can forget the courage shown by Tammy Wynette teaming up with the U.K's KLF?

The one thing we country dj's have had to deal with is the misconception that country is all about drinkin' beer, fightin' in the bar, losing your wife and dog...while drivin' a truck.  Well Luda and Jason have helped dispell that misconception.

Good on 'em.