If you have ever been to a big time country concert you usually know what to expect. The format for theses country superstars is usually the same, massive big screens, a giant stage, lots of lights and a ridiculous amount of screaming fans.  All of the country concerts I have been to usually fall alone the lines of this, the show is fully about the big name country artist you have paid to see.

Jason Aldean may be just like any of these other big time country performers but when he performed at Cheyenne Frontier Day on July 23, 2011 his show was unlike any other country concert I have ever seen before.  First of all the show was not all about him, his band was completely involved.  The band members and Jason looked like they were all having a great time together and feeding off each other’s energy.  I have been to a lot of shows and the one thing that I am always a bit disappointed at is the fact that the band is just standing in the background playing their instrument while the main performer is taking all the credit for the songs being performed.   This was definitely not the case at the Jason Aldean concert; it was great that the band members came up to the front of the stage and playing with Jason, it made the show that much more energetic.

The second aspect of the show that was different than most country shows was the amount of rock influence.  I love country music and always will, but when there is some rock thrown into the mix, it makes a performance even better.  This was my favorite feature of the Jason Adlean concert.  The amount of electric guitar and the guitar solos bring only one word to mind AWESOME! When Jason and his band performed the song “Hick Town” it was on another level.  Although this song is definitely country, it had an amazing guitar solo.  After the guitar solo, Jason took a moment and said “I don’t give a damn what anybody says, this is my kind of country,” this drove the fans wild.  The energy level in the crowd after he said that was outrageous.  Personally this was my favorite song he performed during the show.

After the normal set of songs he basically told the crowd good night and left them wanting more.  This is when the crowd started chanting encore and Jason and his band finally came back out to play their last three songs.   I have always thought encores are the best part of concerts, and Jason sure did not let me down.  He wrapped up the show by playing one of his biggest songs right now, “She’s Country.”  Every 20-something girl went wild, you could not look around without seeing a single girl in her sun dress and boots scream for Jason and dancing in the dirt.

After the concert you could just tell everyone was thinking the same thing, “that was the best concert ever.”  I love that feeling you have when you leave an amazing concert, and I absolutely had that sensation.  If Jason Aldean comes back to Frontier Days next summer, there is no way I will be missing that show.  I am not lying when I say it was the best country concert I have ever been to.