She's the very, very successful lead singer for one on the hottest country acts today, SUGARLAND.  And Jennifer Nettles is just plain proud of that fact.  But, she's always willing to turn the spice up and team with artists outside the genre.

To date, Jennifer has joined forces with artists from Adele, Bon Jovi and probably most notably, hip hop powerhouse Rhianna.  She and Rhianna wowed 'em on last month's Academy of Country Music (ACM) awards.

Nettles says that she initially reached out to Rhianna, looking to see if the two could do something together that would showcase both.  They came up with the idea of featuring a duet on "California King Bed,"  Rhianna reportedly thought that Jennifer's unique and powerful voice would go well with the acoustic base of the song.  And, Rhianna was right.

Jennifer says that she was really happy to have the chance to show the hip hop fans that great music is great music, whether it's coming out of South Carolina, or SOCAL. 

Of course, fans of SUGARLAND have known for quite sometime that the duet has no problem doing hits from other genres of music.  After all, they've covered all kinds of non-country stuff, from Madonna, R.E.M...even Cee Lo Green.

Sooo, who would be the next artist Jennifer would like to team up with?  Well, she reportedly met Sting when they were at the Kennedy Center Honors when Jennifer was picked to honor Bruce Springsteen.  She's been quoted as saying she'd really like to do something in the future with the one-time front man from the The Police.

Wow.  Think about that for a minute.  Jennifer Nettles and Sting.  I'd buy it.