Jillian Balow, Republican Candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction says that recent criticism of a fundraising letter by her opponent, Mike Ceballos, will not change her campaign.

On Wednesday, October 8, Mike Ceballos distributed the contents of a fundraising letter to the media. He said the letter, which was sent by Balow's campaign, was disappointing. In addition, he said that the letter shows that Balow will continue with personal attacks against him.

In an interview Thursday, October 9, Balow said she did not make the letter public. She said that while the letter was indeed sent by her campaign, it was sent to a private list of donors. She said that she did not choose to put the contents of the letter in the public light.

"We did not release that letter to the public. I have not uttered a negative word about my Democrat opponent, publicly for sure, and the choice for him to make that public was certainly his call," said Balow.

She said that her campaign will continue to focus on the issues in education.

"We'll stay focused on issues. We'll stay focused on my conservative philosophy and my deep and broad experience in education," she added.

See below to hear the interview with Balow. Topics covered include:

  • The difference between a primary and general campaign (:07).
  • What she feels separates her from her opponent (:38).
  • Response to her opponent's criticism of a fundraising letter (2:00).
  • How that criticism has changed her campaign (3:00).
  • Pillars of her platform (3:45).
  • How she plans to limit overstepping of the federal government in the state (4:46)
  • Upcoming debates (5:49).
  • Her plan moving forward if elected (6:40).
  • Why she feels people should vote for her (8:48).
  • How to learn more about her (9:40).

To learn more about Jillian Balow, visit her website at http://jillian4supt.com.