Are you ready for a "Cold Beer With Your Name On It"?

Show Dog-Universal's Country music artist Josh Thompson, has revealed details to his fans about his highly anticipated new album 'Turn It Up', which will be available for purchase or download on April 1st.

Josh took some time to discuss his follow-up to his critically acclaimed 2010 debut 'Way Out Here'.

Thompson has been out on the road with his friends Justin Moore and Randy Houser.

Turn It Up - Track List:

  1. Down For A Get Down
  2. Turn It Up
  3. Cold Beer With Your Name On It
  4. Wanted Me Gone
  5. Hillbilly Limo
  6. A Little Memory
  7. Drink Drink Drink
  8. Left This Town
  9. Firebird
  10. Hank Crankin' People

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