Oh goodness.  I can honestly say that I have never encountered anything like this during any of my commutes.  Although humorous, I can't make up my mind whether this is real or fake.  You be the judge.

This would be very random to see while driving down the street.  There are very few reasons, that I could come up with, for this man to be riding on the hood of this truck.  Here are the conclusions that my logic led me to:

  1. This is just a dangerous prank that these dudes are playing on unsuspecting motorists.
  2. This man jumped on the hood of the car in an attempt to gain an injury suit, and the driver is not falling for it.
  3. The man actually got hit by this vehicle and is in ACTUAL danger.  (In which case, I hope they DID call the police)
  4. An attempt to start a new internet craze.....Car Planking?  (Please do not start or participate in this, it is dangerous and pretty dumb)

Do you think this is staged or legitimate?