It's called "Bait a Hook" and Justin hopes it will follow and match the success he's had in the past with his most recent single, "If Heaven Wasn't so far Away.

By the way, this one from Justin Moore is following a mini-trend in fishing tunes.  Trace Adkins' love song for his little girl(s) is a rock solid top 10 tune, and "Just Fishin'" isn't going away anytime soon.  How about Kelly Parks and her new single "Girl with a Fishing Rod'?

"Fish" from Craig Campbell is making waves with his play on the word...and the fact that every time he says "fish" in the tune, it's following an obvious set-up where the rhyme scheme calls for, well, let's just say ANOTHER word that starts with "F'".

Justin Moore's now top-40 song is all about getting his girl back.  He's sure that she's coming back because her current beau is useless and can't "Bait a Hook".

You don't have to do a lot of  brain aerobics to remember other great fishing tunes, including "Fishing in the Dark" from the Dirt Band.

Here's to the next round of hits.  Here's to the next fishing tune.  And here's to the popularity of Justin Moore's lighter take on a tune following the deeply thoughtful "If Heaven".

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