I'm sure I join millions of his fans in feeling really good that Keith has had successful surgery on his throat.  Anytime anyone goes under the knife, it's serious business.  When you're basically working with a man's means of making a living, it's even more important.

The surgery took place last Tuesday, two days before Thanksgiving.  The surgery wa to remove a polyp from his vocal chords and according to his spokespeople it all went well.  It's not known if he had the surgery here in the United States or if it was done in Australia.  His people have not released many details.  However, they were quick to mention that the country star is "doing fine."

The doctors have reportedly advised Keith to stay completely silent for at least three weeks.  That means he has two more weeks to go.  Urban had earlier recorded a video for his fans explaining what was going on and the need for him to be "incommunicato" for 21 days.  So Keith is beginning his second week of three weeks of “complete vocal lockdown,” 

As they did with the location of the surgery, Keith's spokesman sisn't saying where he is recovering.

We'll be keeping an eye on his recovery and his expected return to the stage, studio or radio.  Like I said, it's good that the polyp was discovered and it's good that things went well with the surgery.  We send out our sincere thoughts to him and his wife.

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