Keith Urban is eagerly gearing up for his appearance as a celebrity coach on Australia’s version of the hit show ‘The Voice.’ And while he admits he’s looking for someone to really capture his attention, the ‘You’ll Think of Me’ singer says he’s not about putting people down when they don’t make the cut.

“I did a few of these things when I was younger, and I know what it’s like to just be crucified,” he told the Tennessean. Urban says what he truly loves about ‘The Voice’ is the fact that the show is all about looking for the good in people and not just shooting them down for their inabilities. Appearing as a mentor on the show alongside Seal, Joel Madden of Good Charlotte and Australian artist Delta Goodrem, Urban says he understands that criticism has a place but that it’s all about the delivery.

“My want is to help someone realize that, ‘You nailed these things, and any artist has areas they need help with, and I may have these faults myself and that’s why, maybe I’m pointing them out in you,’” he explains. “I look at this as an opportunity to give back and help somebody.” As he gets ready for the show, which will air later in 2012, Urban says he’s listening for authenticity and he’s going to be genuinely working to help those on his team become as good as they possibly can be.

“It’s working with players and trying to have a vision,” he says. “It’s like, ‘If we tweak this and focus this and maybe sing this down here,’ and really play to their strengths.” In a promotional video for the upcoming show, the artist pointed out that he loves the idea of the blind audition since it’s just the same as when he hears a new artist on the radio and can’t see what they look like, adding, “It’s that pure believability that I feel like this person is speaking to me.”