I guess there are many, many nice things about being a hugely successful artist. And, as it turns out, there are some bad things too. Like, oh, I don't know, having a drunken, delusional fan found on your property.

Kenny's Franklin, TN estate was apparently invaded by a woman who allegedly was found on the ground. Melissa Carol Mansfield of Murrieta, CA was arrested in the early morning hours of February 15th.  Police found the woman hiding in a bathroom new a swimming pool. And, yes, police maintain that she appeared to have been drinking.

The following quote from police was provided by ABC affilliate WKRN

[The] corporal was looking around the perimeter and found her in a restroom. She had at least one if not two bottles of wine with her.

That quote was from  Williamson County Sheriff's Deputy Hugh Tharpe.

It's not clear how Mansfield managed to get on the property, but police say she had a limousine drive her from Nashville to Kenny's house.

She claimed to have a relationship with Mr. Chesney and they were dating, but that was not confirmed at all.  The property manager said that Mr. Chesney was out of town and she didn't have permission to be on the property.

A spokesman for Kenny confirms that the Reality singer was not at home at the time. His exact location during the incident is unknown as he is currently on hiatus from his tour. He is set to begin the highly anticipated Brothers of the Sun tour June 2, 2012 in Tampa.

Mansfield was arrested and charged with criminal trespassing and public intoxication. (See her mugshot.) She is scheduled to appear in court next Thursday, Feb. 23.

So, it's nice to be famous and adored around the world, until the adoration brings out those who may or may not have a firm grip. I'm just glad nobody was hurt. There are bound to be incidents like this and it's good to remember why we have police.

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