For those of you who don't know, Grace Potter has a band she performs with.  They're called "The Nocturnals".  Grace was doing her usual outstanding job fronting the band, at the famous Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, when a friend stopped by.Word has it that Grace told the crowd Monday night (September 12) that she would be performing the

hit from Kenny's Hemingway's Whiskey album, but that Kenny wouldn't be there.  The tentative choice to replace Kenny on the duet for "You and Tequila" would be  Nocturnals guitarist Scott Tournet.

Scott said he felt nervous and uncomfortable as the country star's substitute at a venue as prestigious as the Ryman.   Well, 'course, they were just playin' wit cha.

Chensey then walked onstage to sing the song with Potter and naturally the crowd was as appreciative as you would expect.  "You and Tequila" is the latest successful single from the phenomal Hemingway's Whiskey. 

One thing I knew about the song, but had let it slip my mind, is it was co-written by the lovely and talented Deana Carter.  Yes, that Deana Carter; the one who had success with songs like "Strawberry Wine" and "Did I Shave my Legs for This"?

You can imagine that as long as Grace and the Nocturnals are touring, the opportunity for Kenny to hit the stage will always be there.  Here's to a great duet and to a very fine tune.

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