It's been quite a while since Kenny Rogers has been in the news. The incredibly successful singer of such classics as Coward of the County and The Gambler would probably rather avoid the latest publicity as he reveals he is in conflict with his former label over that success.

The suit has been filed in Federal Court against Capitol records.  In dispute are royalties from digital downloads, ringtones and other uses of his songs.  In the digital age, more money can be made in more ways, and as the saying goes, Mo' money, Mo' problems.

Kenny maintains that he is owed 50 percent of net royalties for the licensing of his master recordings to third parties like iTunes.

The actions of Capitol Records was part of an ongoing and deliberate attempt by record labels to deprive artists, like Kenny Rogers, in California, and elsewhere of their rightful royalties for music downloads, ringtones, and mastertones.

according to the lawsuit.

Kenny's attorneys maintain that he had begun his own auditing of the label's books back in 2007.  The suit also maintains a continuing three-year negotiation with Capitol before taking the serious action of filing a Federal lawsuit over the royalties.

Court documents show that Kenny maintains that Capitol owes him at least $ 400,000.  No word on how long the suit will take, but we'll keep you informed as to the outcome.  Stay Tuned.

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