You'd think that Kevin Cronin, long-time front man for REO Speedwagon , would be more than happy to just sit back and enjoy the nostalgia rock tour scene.  But Country Weekly is reporting that Kevin wants a country hit.  And he wants Keith Urban to record it.

, Kevin said. His talent amazes me. If he did just even one of my songs, I can die a happy man.

I’ve had a lot of musical goals in my life, but getting Keith Urban to do one of my songs is one of my last ones

Now, before you jump to conclusions about cross-over hopping pop stars, remember that Kevin headed straight to Nashville from Chicago as soon as he was able.  Then, well, he hooked up with the rest of the crew from REO and the rest is history.  But he does have some country chops.

Just last year, Kevin performed at the We’re All for the Hall benefit concert and was amazed at how his music was received.  I mean, when you notice country start like Brad Paisley and Martina McBride singing along word for word with Rollin' With the Changes, well, that's gotta be gratifying.

In 2011 Kevin has had the opportunity to play with Vince Gill and has collaborated on some songs by the likes of Deana Carter and Martina McBride.  So, he might be pretty close to his dream of having a country hit.  He's been quoted as saying that there's a strong country flavor to a lot of the songs REO has done in the past.

I have always said music with a country/rock vibe is closest to my sou. Lyrically, countrysongs are the best songs. Throw some pedal steel to some REO Speedwagon hits and they are country. I guess you will just have to wait and see what happens.

Yep, I'm more than happy to wait and see what happens.  Keith could certainly do worse when it comes to a song-writer than to team up with a monster talent like Mr. Cronin.

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