Kix Brooks will release his first solo single since the split of Brooks and Dunn in 2010. The country great has teamed up with Eagles‘ guitarist Joe Walsh to record ‘New to This Town,’ a song that will be released to radio on March 19.

“It paints the powerful emotion we’ve all known, of lost love and the uncomfortable situation of running in to that person again,” Brooks says in a press release. He worked with Walsh via email and the internet. The song was written by Brooks and longtime friends and collaborators Marv Green and Terry McBride.

‘New to This Town’ will be released on Arista Nashville, the same label he and partner Ronnie Dunn recorded with for 21 years as Brooks and Dunn. Both men are focused on solo careers now.

“It’s a freedom of sorts,” Brooks says about the end of their partnership “It’s not a bitter freedom by any means, just sort of a ‘well that was fun, now what?’ Sort of like being at a theme park and looking around after riding the same roller coaster you finally say, ‘Ok I think I’ll try that one over there!’”

In 2011, Dunn released his self-titled solo album, featuring ‘Bleed Red,’ ‘Cost of Livin” and ‘Let the Cowboy Rock.’