It's what's known as an occupational hazzard.  If you're a singer, those vocal chords are your bread and butter, your rice and beans....your paycheck.  And if you ever have a problem with them, you have to take it very, very seriously.  That's the case with Kix Brooks as well, and forced him to cancel an appearance.

But, Kix has a friend, you may have heard of him, named Ronnie Dunn.  And Ronnie was reportedly on vacation with his family when he got the news. 

Ronnie immediately volunteered to do the Florida gig for his former partner.

The bleeding vocal chord will reportedly put Kix on the sidelines for at least 2 weeks.  Here's a tweet from Mr. Brooks about the whole ordeal:

Doc asked if I ever got excited or yelled haha - doesn't know me very well huh?

Serious stuff.  We're happy that Ronnie stepped in for his buddy.  "Course, we'd be a whole lot more happy if the two would figure out what caused their break-up in the first place and get it resolved.  Just sayin'...

Let us know what YOU think about the break-up that ended an outstanding duo career here.

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