Each week Y95 Country will pick two artists or groups to go head to head in voting by our listeners.  We’re just trying to stir it up a little.  One important note.  We deliberately chose video’s that were just images.  We feel the songs should stand on their own, and the voter should NOT be influenced by the production value of any video.

Lady Antebellum - we owned the night

It's not shocking news that this song is very, very popular.  It just recently made it to the top of the charts.  However, there is such a thing in the radio business as "burn".  That's where a particular song has reached the peak of its popularity and has started to recede in popularity.  That could happen with this one soon.

Jake owen - alone with you

It just makes sense to put these two head to head.  While Lady Antebellum is sitting at the top of the charts, Jake has just now made it onto the Top 30.  Jake has had great success lately with Barefoot, Blue Jean Night, but this one is a different song and a different feel altogether.  Alone With You could be a monster, but YOU decide.

so Vote Now!