Starting at 6:30pm the Laramie City Council will vote on 17 amendments to the proposed overhaul of the city’s leash law and other animal laws. Amendments include both minor and major changes and will be voted on individually.

The 17 amendments are a result of two ad hoc committee meetings that were held in September.  The amendments will be voted on individually and include major changes as well as minor adjustments to language.

Some of the proposed amendments if passed, would allow a dog or dogs to be unleashed in designated park areas and at specific times. Other proposals would mean a dog or dogs could be unleashed on the owner’s property while the owner is present or the dog is enclosed.

If passed, another proposed amendment would mean residents would be allowed to own and keep more pets on their property. Up to four pets are currently allowed on a single property. The proposed amendment would allow up to six pets on a property as long as each pet is over 120 days old.

It’s noted that residents are not allowed to have more than four dogs, four cats, or four potbellied pigs but are allowed to have a combination of those animals as long as the total is no more than six.

If you would like to read more on the proposed amendments click here!